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Things to do in Nairn and near East Inverness

One of the top things to do to the East of Inverness area is visit Culloden battlefield, the scene of a terrible battle, still arguably embedded in the national psyche, but not a battle against England as some believe. Close by you'll find the Clava Cairns, which are well preserved burial chambers dating back 6000 years to 4000BC. The Cairns are one of the best things to see for free in the area.

Using the A96 as the route East towards Nairn, you'll come to Inverness airport. Close by is Castle Stuart Golf Course, scene of recent successful Scottish golf opens.  At the industrial estate at Inverness airport you will find the aviation Museum, featuring a collection of aircraft cockpits and aviation memorabilia. There's even the opportunity to go inside a Nimrod, which flew the skies over the Moray Firth for many years. At Ardesier there is a cheese factory and then you'll find Fort George, which was built in the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden. It's a huge fort containing exhibitions and displays depicting army life over the years. The high ramparts also make it a great viewpoint to watch for dolphins.


Nairn is the first main town after Inverness (16 miles). It prospered in Victorian times as it was a favoured destination, with huge stately house and tourists taking advantage of the area's microclimate. Nairn was also a favoured haunt of Charlie Chaplin. It's worth spending some time wandering down the High Street with its range of independent shops. Close to Nairn Tourist Information Centre is Nairn Museum. Nairn Harbour is now a popular marina and there's easy parking with great walks along the sea front and Fishertown. Dolphins are regularly seen in the Moray Firth. A few miles south of Nairn lies Cawdor Castle which is one of the other main attractions in the area. Strongly associated with the mystery of Shakespeare's Macbeth, it is also well known for its gardens.

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