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The Moray Firth Dolphins Inverness

The Moray Firth Dolphins are probably one of the biggest free visitor attractions near Inverness. In fact taking a fairly short walk from the town centre means you can watch dolphins in Inverness.

Being so far north means they tend to be larger and have thicker blubber than their southern counterparts. Estimates vary but there are probably around 130 Moray Firth Dolphins. Researchers identify them by using distinctive marks and lesions on their dolphin fins. Not only are they one of the most intelligent mammals, they are one of the most long lived and can live for about 50 years.

Where to see dolphins

Probably the best place to see dolphins is at Chanonry Point near Inverness.

The Seal and Dolphin centre on the A9 just over the Kessock Bridge is well worth a visit. It’s free to visit and they have a dolphin viewing area with binoculars you can use. There are regular sightings and there’s a board which includes the latest dolphin sightings at Chanonry Point.

There are also wildlife and dolphin boats operating from Inverness Harbour, Cromarty and Avoch. The dolphin boat trips provide a great opportunity to see the Moray Firth Dolphins close up, as well as other marine life including seabirds and seals. For more information about the Moray Firth Dolphins visit

Chanonry Point
Inverness Boats

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After a few visits to Chanonry Point with his wife, Simon Jung put together this excellent video of the Moray Firth Dolphins. Anyone who has spent time watching wild dolphins will appreciate the skill and patience involved in producing this short film.

Watch Dolphins

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