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Eating out in Inverness

Inverness excels in food with a large variety of cafes, restaurants and good pub food.

Haggis is a Scottish favourite, traditionally served with neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes). Many eating places will have their own twist. It does taste lovely but it maybe best to ask what's in the haggis after tasting rather than before!

Indian food has now become a great Scottish tradition. Many of these dishes have been adapted to the British palate e.g. the sauce used in tikka masala is reputed to have been invented in Glasgow. However, Indian restaurants will always have some chef's specialities, which tend to be more unusual regional dishes.

Some of the Chinese and Indian restaurants in Inverness have buffet nights, usually Monday to Thursday. For a fixed price you can eat as much as you like.

Polish food is becoming part of the local food scene - not in terms of restaurants but in delicatessens so if you're self-catering or picnicking look for Polish hams, breads and cakes.

Most Inverness pubs now serve food. The quality is usually good and it is an inexpensive way of eating out. Lunchtime menus often represent the best value.

kool runnings - jamaican

the corner grill - british