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Urquhart Castle lies on the banks of Loch Ness, 17 miles from Inverness near Drumnadrochit. It's a must visit for many tourists. Go early and miss the crowds.

The modern visitor centre blends well into the hillside. Before leaving the centre, watch the short film detailing the History of Urquhart Castle. It gives a good synopsis of centuries of strife and the film also has one of the cleverest endings you will ever see!

It's Urquhart Castle's location that makes it stand out with views across Loch Ness. The castle is a short walk from the visitor centre, past the trebuchet, a medieval catapult for destroying castle walls. (See it in action in the exhibition area in the visitor centre).

Upon entering the visitor is free to wander at will and discover 1600 years of history. The Motte to your right is a good starting point as it's the highest point of the castle and gives good views over the castle. You can identify the key areas on the information board. Climb the well preserved Tower House for amazing views over Loch Ness. The layout and remains of the castle give a good indication of what life was like in the castle.

The jetty beside the loch is where the tour boats dock and it is a good place to get close to the shore of Loch Ness. The café, especially from the sheltered outside patio gives great views over the Loch. Combined with excellent food, it makes a good lunch stop.

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Urquhart Castle

Urquhart CastleUrquhart Castle

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