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As you walk up to Fort George, the walls rise up and seem to absorb you. A feat of architectural and military engineering, Fort George, near Inverness, was built on the orders of the English after the Battle of Culloden. It is still an army garrison and you will still see soldiers walking around among the tourists.

Canons to the right and left guard the principal bridge into the fort. The fort opens up onto the parade ground and rows of red sandstone buildings. Take a moment to check the aerial view to make sense of this vast Fort. (In the room next to the Guardhouse).

The museum houses a huge collection including a Victoria Cross and Gallantry Awards room. The stories behind the medals are reminder of heroism and the realities of war. On the top floor there is an interesting, stark collection of German and Japanese weapons and equipment. Towards the back of Fort George, near the stables, sits the regimental chapel. Peaceful with beautiful stained glass. Spot the angel playing the bagpipes on the stained glass behind the altar.

To some, Fort George might be oppressive but climb the battlements for wonderful views across to the Black Isle and West to the Highlands. Fort George offers the bonus of watching dolphins in the Moray Firth with a dolphin viewing area.

There is a lot more to see in Fort George. The Grand Magazine houses a collection of muskets and rifles. Near the Grand magazine there are barrack rooms highlighting the conditions of the past. There are film presentations including the Fort George story and the Fort George Café offers very good value coffee and meals.

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Fort George

Fort George CanonFort George Canon

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