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Discover the Highlands with Highland Spirit Tours


This is an online guide book for visitors and tourists to Inverness. Most tourists travelling to the Highlands will spend some time in Inverness or use it as a base from which to take day trips and tours around the Highlands.

Latest news: Inverness Castle Viewpoint is now open! Offering great views of the city and beyond

Inverness itself offers much for the visitor, which isn’t immediately obvious. It’s a centre of Highland history and as such, many of its historic buildings have been destroyed over the centuries in power struggles and battle.

Some time spent understanding Inverness enhances the experience of onward tourist travel to the Highlands. Discover the geology behind the mysterious mountains, the origins and conflicts of the clans system, the Gaelic language, and folklore. Listen to the Highland folk music; eat versions of the old foods. Inverness has an importance far beyond its boundaries with people travelling hundreds of miles from remote Highland locations to use its services.

Inverness Tourist Travel Guide

Inverness is an easy place to travel to, with good road, flight and train links. The arrival of cheap flights to Inverness means it is a cost effective tourist destination with so many things to do. On Inverness’ doorstep lie the visitor attractions of Loch Ness, Culloden Battlefield, Clava Cairns, Urquhart Castle, loch Ness and the Moray Firth Dolphins. Use this online guide to plan your journey; from identifying things to do through to finding a tour departing from in Inverness to booking hotel accommodation.

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